WG 1

Workshop Report Alternative Fuels – Climate Impacts and Ways to Use Alternative Fuels (German report)

Interim report 12/2020 by WG 1

The report examines the various production processes for electricity-based and advanced biomass-based fuels in terms of market maturity and usage volumes, as well as the necessary sustainability criteria. In principle, there are different opinions on the extent to which alternative fuels can or should contribute to CO₂ reduction in the transport sector and in which areas of application. Differences of opinion exist, among other things, on the question of the availability of renewable energies on a global scale and on the question of whether or not electricity-based fuels should be used in road transport. By developing two roadmaps on biomass- and electricity-based fuels, technologically feasible steps for building industrial production pathways of sustainable biogenic fuels, renewable electricity-based fuels and green hydrogen are visualized on the time axis.

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