Working Group 3

Digitalisation for the
mobility sector

The Working Group 3 “Digitalisation for the mobility sector” looked at all areas in which digitalisation and automation form the prerequisites for making tomorrow’s mobility healthier, more climate-friendly, more efficient, more convenient and more affordable.

Within the scope of this task, the WG 3 “Digitalisation for the mobility sector” pursued the following objectives, complementary to the overall objectives of the NPM:

  • Increasing ecological sustainability by reducing emissions and immissions
  • Meeting individual mobility needs by creating simple, fast and affordable mobility services
  • Increasing efficiency through seamless, convenient and integrated traffic flows
  • Increasing traffic safety
  • Developing the necessary technological prerequisites in the areas of infrastructure, networking and enabling modes of transport

Structure and operation

The Working Group 3, with input from four focus groups, formulated concrete recommendations for action to promote particularly effective options. For this, all modes and forms of passenger and freight transport have been considered; these were then evaluated on the basis of requirements from urban and rural areas and demographic aspects.

We introduce ourselves

Current news of Working Group 3