Working Group 6

Standardisation, norms, certification and type approval

Working Group 6 is a multi-interest group focused on consensus-based initiation, coordination and implementation of standardization, norms, certification and type approval needs for the “future of mobility”. It defines the strategic positioning of the platform on this topic, commissions and develops a “standardization roadmap” as a national strategy, position and tool.

Further focus areas include coordinating and strategically guiding necessary international consensus processes and integrating political support.

Structure and operation
Working group 6 establishes a committee of experts to further develop a “Future of Mobility” standardization roadmap, which addresses and structures relevant issues. The standardization roadmap serves to control the operative standardization, norms, certification and type approval activities carried out by the established organisations and bodies. Standardization processes and extensions or adaptations of existing standards are developed in close cooperation with the standards committees DKE and DIN. WG 6 monitors the results of this work and acts as a high-level body for support and political flanking.

The overarching objective is also to develop recommendations for action to achieve the climate and energy policy goals of the Federal Government in 2030 and 2050.


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