National Platform
Future of Mobility

for an affordable, sustainable
and climate-friendly mobility system

The NPM at the ITS World Congress 2021

The Future of Mobility

Why this platform?

Our mobility is undergoing transition and the next few years will bring major changes. Prosperity, growth and technological developments lead to a more mobile society and new mobility options. At the same time, achieving the German Federal Government’s energy and climate targets will be a central task in the coming years.

To shape this change, the Federal Government has convened the National Platform Future of Mobility (NPM). The aim of the NPM is to develop paths that cross and link modes of transport for a largely greenhouse gas-neutral and environmentally friendly transport system that enables efficient, high-quality, flexible, available, safe, resilient and affordable mobility in both passenger and goods transport.

Transport and climate change
WG 1
Alternative drive technologies and fuels for sustainable mobility
WG 2
Digitalisation for the mobility sector
WG 3
Securing Germany as a place for mobility, production, battery cell production, primary materials and recycling, training and qualification
WG 4
Connecting mobility and energy networks, sector integration
WG 5
Standardisation, norms, certification and type approval
WG 6

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