Steering Committee of NPM looks back and ahead: Results, interim report and work programme 2020

National platform future of mobility

At this year’s last Steering Committee meeting, members presented a progress report and took stock of the NPM’s work to date. The working groups (WG) provided a glimpse of the future work of the NPM in their programme for next year which includes the ideas and requirements of the federal ministries involved. Alongside the new interim reports of working groups (WG) 3 and 4, the Steering Committee adopted in its 6th meeting the reports and annual programme 2020.

“The interim report of the NPM’s work to date gives us reason to be positive. The German government genuinely listened to several of our topics in the last few months. Recommendations for action made by WG 1 for example were incorporated into the Federal Climate Protection Act. The NPM was represented at Chancellor Merkel’s “Automotive Summit” and was able to bring up various work packages for discussion. The German government’s Masterplan Charging Infrastructure took into account miscellaneous aspects important to the NPM. Next year, we would like the work programme 2020 – which was adopted today – to build on these successful negotiations. We will explore the topics in even greater depth in 2020 in order to gradually outline a more comprehensive overview of the future of mobility,” reiterates Henning Kagermann, chairman of the Steering Committee.

NPM one year on – progress report

The progress report gives the public and all stakeholders a broad picture of the NPM’s work so far and assesses topics such as climate protection, digitalisation, electromobility, infrastructures, sector coupling, hydrogen, standards as well as securing Germany as a place for investment and employment, in light of the latest developments in the mobility sector. The report is based on the twelve interim reports and papers drawn up by the six NPM working groups. For its report, NPM with its approximately 240 members has formulated balanced, universal and concrete recommendations for action to make mobility futureproof. On 11th December, the progress report will be officially handed over to transport minister Scheuer and the German government.

Autonomous mobility on the roads

The report produced by working group 3 illustrates the opportunities of automated and connected driving and shows how innovative products and new services can shape the future of mobility. One important aspect is autonomous mobility on the roads. The report highlights key areas of action that are critical for the implementation of autonomous mobility in order to achieve its efficient introduction by 2025 and 2030. Within this timeframe, technical possibilities relating to vehicles and the required infrastructure will need to go hand in hand in order to avoid limitations in terms of their usability.

Visionary restructuring and qualification of employees

As a result of climate protection measures, the electrification of mobility will take place faster than anticipated. The shift of the value chain towards new technologies has a notable impact on employment structures. Production and some development jobs are being cut whilst new qualifications and professions for innovative and digital technologies are becoming more important. Employees need to be trained or further educated to meet these new demands. The two studies “ELAB 2.0” and “IAB Research Report 2018” were extended by two scenarios for the year 2030 to form the report produced by WG 4. These scenarios show the impact of an accelerated change in drive technology on employment structures.

All working groups have reported on the current status of their work before the Steering Committee and given an outline of their plans for next year.

All reports will soon be available to download on the NPM website (in German).

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