13th meeting of the NPM Steering Committee: ITS World Congress in Hamburg casts its shadow ahead

NPM@ITS World Congress on October 13, 2021
At next week’s upcoming Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) World Congress in Hamburg, Germany, NPM will present the extensive work it has done over the past three years. The NPM presentation is part of the high-level conference program on October 13. In three high-level panel sessions, a fireside chat and two spotlight sessions, the various mobility topics such as climate protection, digitalization, user:inside needs, acceptance of electromobility and international cooperation on standards and norms will be presented and classified. The NPM results are summarized in a report that was discussed and approved today at the 13th meeting of the steering committee. It can now be finalized, presented at the World Congress and handed over to the German government.

In addition to the report on the results, the Steering Committee members dealt with the newly prepared interim reports of WGs 2, 4 and 6 as well as with the research needs that have emerged from the overall work of the NPM. In their status reports, the WG leaders summarized what was investigated in the working groups in the last quarter and where the journey will take us by the end of the year.

Results report “Shaping tomorrow’s mobility holistically – results from three years of NPM 2018 – 2021”
With this report, the NPM draws a conclusion of the work of the last three years, shows what has been investigated and achieved, what the next steps in the transformation of mobility are and how to deal with the open issues for the future of mobility. The results report will be publicly presented at the ITS World Congress and officially handed over to the German government.

Report of WG 2 “Customer acceptance as the key to the market ramp-up of electromobility”
The transformation of mobility can only succeed if the needs of users are actively incorporated. The WG 2 report highlights the issue of customer acceptance as the key to the market ramp-up of electromobility.

Five reports from WG 4 on value creation and employment
In addition to a summary impulse report, the value creation networks of battery production, recycling, power electronics and fuel cells are examined quantitatively. Another report outlines ways to make the transformation of mobility sustainable and socially acceptable. Publication of all reports is scheduled for the end of October.

Two reports from WG 6
The future of mobility depends largely on the development of functioning standards. Over the past three years, WG 6 of the NPM has developed recommendations for action for the standardization bodies. These were summarized in a compendium and published for the ITS World Congress. A second short report deals with standards and norms for alternative drives in heavy commercial vehicles.

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