NPM Steering Committee meets virtually once more

National platform future of mobility

Jam-packed agenda for 8th Steering Committee meeting:

Task force “Plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV)”
As part of the economic and crisis response package, the government’s coalition committee has given the NPM a mandate to discuss what the optimum degree of utilisation of the electric drive in plug-in hybrids is. As a result of this, the Federal Government asked the chairman of the NPM Steering Committee to draw up a comprehensive picture on the question of optimising the degree of utilisation of plug-in hybrids. The Steering Committee has given its consent to the creation of a dedicated task force to focus on this mandate which will start its work in the very near future.

New report by WG 3: Platform-based intermodal mobility system and recommendations for action on data and security
A platform-based, intermodal mobility system can ensure that different modes of transport are available and made use of depending on demand, at any time and, if necessary, in combination along the same route. This means that transport supply becomes more diverse, the mobility provision better and the switch to environment- and climate-friendly alternatives more attractive. The third interim report outlines opportunities and challenges of a platform-based, intermodal mobility system. It sheds light on the status quo, looks at a swift implementation of a connected mobility system and analyses key requirements and needs from the perspective of stakeholders and users of the mobility system. The report identifies key areas of action and recommends forward-looking steps to swiftly implement a digital multi- and intermodal mobility system to politics and business.

New report by WG 5: Grid integration of electromobility – The foundation of successful sector integration
The new loads caused by the unpredictable timing of electric vehicles being charged can pose a great risk to the operation of the power grid. It is pivotal for network operators to know how many electric vehicles are being charged in their networks. Careful monitoring of the number of electric vehicles in the market or of market uptake can help network operators to prepare their networks and to have some planning security. Therefore, the successful integration of the charging infrastructure into the power grid is of utmost importance for the future uptake of electromobility and for sector integration. Building on WG5’s red flag report of Spring 2019 and the lively public debate on load management, this new report is trying to develop a joint definition of network integration that is acceptable to all stakeholders as well as to build common ground.

Detailed information on the reports of both WG 3 and WG 5 to follow in the next few weeks during publication.

Research requirements within the NPM
Since Spring 2019, the NPM working groups have identified the mobility areas and topics that require additional research. The topic clusters arrived at in this way have been agreed upon with the ministries involved in the NPM and presented during the Steering Committee meeting. The Steering Committee members also discussed the next steps.

ITS World Congress Hamburg 2021
Assisted by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI), Hamburg will be hosting the world’s largest congress for intelligent transport systems and services from 11th to 15th October 2021. During the event, the real-life laboratory for digital mobility – which was initiated by WG 3 – and its results will be presented. The organisers gave the Steering Committee an update of their plans and preparations.

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