9th meeting of the Steering Committee

The agenda of the meeting which lasted nearly 4 hours included a plethora of topics, such as:

Report by Taskforce Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV)

As announced after the previous Steering Committee meeting, NPM has drafted a report containing recommendations regarding the optimum electrical efficiency of PHEVs for the Federal Government via its taskforce PHEV which was set up specially. Within just a few weeks, the 16 NPM members of the Task Force were able to have a close look at the areas of vehicle technology, charging and grid infrastructure as well as usage behaviour of PHEVs and, based on this, to provide recommendations for action. In line with climate protection goals, PHEVs can help reduce CO2 as long as they are used in electric mode for at least 50 % of the time. This applies in particular when used as business cars. During the meeting today, the report was shared and approved by the Steering Committee for publication in the next few days.

All Heads of WG gave an update on the latest activities in their working groups. Working groups 4, 5 and 6 also presented their new reports.

WG 4: Position papers „Added value – Battery recycling“ and „Added value – Electric machine“

In line with sustainability and security of supply, both new reports highlight the need to think of the new value networks for these key components in electromobility as closed circuits right from the start. The position paper on the added value network battery recycling takes into account the recycling steps of return, dismantling, resource recovery and reuse in its assessment of the status quo and the required action in the areas of recycling and secondary use of vehicle batteries in Germany and Europe. The position paper on electric machines analyses the prerequisites and realities of the German economy in producing the drive component used in battery-electric, hybrid and fuel cell electric vehicles.

WG 5: Factsheet „Vehicle to Grid” and report „Nationwide charging infrastructure“

The two new reports address bidirectional charging, i.e. electricity being fed into and out of the battery into the grid (vehicle to grid), and the development of a nationwide charging infrastructure which takes into account both local circumstances and requirements for long-distance traffic. Both reports show solutions and the added value for the transport and energy sectors, and illustrate that two things are necessary in order for electromobility to become a success story in Germany: the acceptance on the part of customers and a common understanding of the technological and strategic aspects of electromobility amongst all stakeholders.

WG 6: Focus roadmap „Sustainable Mobility”

In its new roadmap, WG 6 explains that standards and norms are key components of a package of measures set out to achieve the climate goals for transport. Addressing the criteria of carbon accounting, reuse and recycling, fuel sources and communication, the road map shows ways in which standards and norms can contribute to sustainable mobility by 2030. For each of these topics, recommendations for action regarding standardisation projects to be implemented by 2030 are made.

Following approval by the NPM Steering Committee, the new reports will be finalised and published on the NPM website within the next few days.

NPM Progress report 2020

The members of the Steering Committee were given a presentation of the concept for the annual report 2020 which will be published in early 2021 and will provide a clear summary of the NPM’s activities in 2020.

Mobility monitor 2020

Preliminary results of the Mobility Monitor 2020 of the Allensbach Institute (Institut für Demoskopie Allensbach) on behalf of acatech (National Academy of Science and Enginerring) were presented to the Steering Committee. The results of the study will be published from 12th October 2020.

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