NPM presents results of its three-year work: What has been achieved, where does the transformation of the mobility system stand, what challenges remain?

Mobility is more than just traffic and its means of transport:Mobility is the backbone of society and the economy. That is why an integrated view of the mobility system with its modes of transport, the most diverse actors and the multilayered interconnected mobility issues is crucial to successfully shaping the future of mobility. This is […]

The NPM at the ITS World Congress 2021

The second half of the day of the ITS World Congress 2021 on October 13 will be dedicated to the NPM. The event will present the most important results of the three-year work of the NPM and put them into a political and international perspective. The topics addressed are innovation and digitalization of passenger and […]

National Platform Future of Mobility – Shaping the Transformation

As Chairman of the NPM, Prof. Dr. Henning Kagermann’s keynote address will provide a comprehensive picture of what it means for the transport sector and its modes to meet EU and national CO2 targets while securing competitiveness and employment in the industry. Other aspects of the presentation will include energy issues related to vehicle charging, […]

Realizing Smart Charging – A Cross Border Approach between Germany and the Netherlands

The Netherlands and Germany launched a new cooperation on sustainable mobility on March 25, 2021. Both countries are committed to modernizing their mobility infrastructure and making it more sustainable. The goal: The mobility of the future must not only be competitive, but also climate-friendly and intelligent. We want to expand and develop cooperation to jointly […]

IAA Mobility

Visit the National Platform Future of Mobility at this year’s IAA Mobility 2021. You will find us at the booth of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure in the Open Space in the Residenzhöfe (RK600). Do not miss our events in the framework of the Conference. In addition to two panels, which will […]