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WG 6

Presentation of the Focus Roadmap Sustainable Mobility

12.02.2020 4:30 PM
– 12.02.2020 5:45 PM

The National Platform for the Future of Mobility has addressed the need for action on standardization in this important future field in its priority roadmap for sustainable mobility. The findings from the expert work of Working Group 6 go far beyond mere recommendations to the standardization bodies. Rather, the aim is to create framework conditions in important areas for the realization of sustainable mobility.

We want to present the key findings of this focus roadmap to all interested parties in a webinar on
Wednesday, December 02, 4:30 – 5:45 pm.
Join us as our experts cover the important topics of balancing, reuse and recovery, battery, energy carrier, and communication. Take the opportunity to interact with our experts in a live chat and ask your questions.

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