Future Mobility Summit in Berlin

The NPM is a partner of the central congress for mobility decision-makers.

Start: April 8, 2019


The National Platform Future of Mobility is partner of this year’s Future Mobility Summit next Monday and Tuesday (April 8-9) in Berlin. Mobility touches each of us every day. It is therefore a challenge for society as a whole to shape the mobility of the future in a sustainable way. A sustainable transport system does not restrict mobility, quite the opposite: it meets mobility needs more effectively, is safe and emission-free, consumes fewer resources and uses infrastructures more efficiently. In order to secure competitiveness and jobs, the transformation of mobility must become an innovative boost for our economy: Innovations from Germany for the world. In the National Platform Future of Mobility, experts from all social groups are represented in order to do justice to the various interests. The Chairman of the NPM Steering Committee, Prof. Dr. Henning Kagermann, will open the Future Mobility Summit together with other speakers, and a large number of our members will be represented on various panels. We look forward to an inspiring exchange on the many aspects of a sustainable mobility system, from digitization to sector coupling.

The interim report of Working Group 1 Climate Protection in Transport “Ways to Achieve the Climate Targets 2030 in the Transport Sector” was published at the conference. It can be downloaded here: https://www.plattform-zukunft-mobilitaet.de/berichte/.

WG 1
Transport and climate change

WG 2
Alternative drive technologies and fuels for sustainable mobility


WG 3
Digitalisation in the mobility sector


WG 4
Securing Germany as a place for mobility, production, battery cell production, primary materials and recycling, training and qualification


WG 5
Connecting mobility and energy networks, sector integration


WG 6
Standardisation, certification and type approval