New reports from the WG 5 “Connecting mobility and energy networks, sector integration” to be published in autumn

Working Group 5 submitted two reports in March 2019 in which it proposed measures to accelerate the expansion of electric mobility and charging infrastructure in Germany. These reports will feed into the work of the Federal Government’s Concerted Action on Mobility, where concepts will be developed to address and shape technological challenges, safeguarding competitiveness and the impact on the world of work and employment in the automotive sector.

Two further reports currently being prepared by the Working Group will provide additional contributions to the expansion of the charging infrastructure in Germany. The report “Roadmap on economic refueling and charging infrastructure”, identifies influencing factors for the economic efficiency of public charging infrastructure, as well as risks and levers for demand-oriented expansion. The report on “Customer-friendly charging” will provide the current state-of-affairs on this topic based on a definition of customer-friendly charging and will address the need for and possibilities for action. Both reports will be published in autumn.

Furthermore, the report “CNG and LNG Strategy” and the report “Roadmap Power-to-X” are currently being prepared. The work package “Roadmap Power-to-X” addresses the question of how electrolysis can be established as a key technology for sector coupling with regards to future CO2 neutral mobility applications and the storage of renewable energies. The work package “LNG and CNG Strategy” addresses the question of how refueling station infrastructure for gas as an alternative fuel can be further expanded. These reports will also be published in autumn.

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Transport and climate change

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Alternative drive technologies and fuels for sustainable mobility


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Connecting mobility and energy networks, sector integration


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