Communication on the meeting of AG 1 “Climate protection in transport” on 25 March 2019

We very much welcome the public interest in the work of the National Platform Future of Mobility and its working groups. Mobility affects every day – it is the basis for individual freedom and prosperity. The sustainable transformation of the mobility sector is a complex challenge for society as a whole and involves a great deal of responsibility. The NPM therefore wants to jointly promote the transformation of mobility with a high degree of continuity over a long period of time, develop cross-modal and intermodal paths for an innovative and sustainable overall system of mobility in the future, accompany the implementation of recommended measures and, if necessary, make adjustments. Today’s meeting therefore does not mark the end of Working Group 1’s work on climate protection in transport. Working Group 1 will present the status of its work (“Report 03´2019”) adopted today to the steering committee of the NPM on Friday, 29 March 2019. This will then form the basis for discussion of the first options for action by the NPM to the Federal Government, which will be decided by the steering com

WG 1
Transport and climate change

WG 2
Alternative drive technologies and fuels for sustainable mobility


WG 3
Digitalisation in the mobility sector


WG 4
Securing Germany as a place for mobility, production, battery cell production, primary materials and recycling, training and qualification


WG 5
Connecting mobility and energy networks, sector integration


WG 6
Standardisation, certification and accreditation