An ambitious work plan for the Working Group 2 “Alternative drive technologies and fuels for sustainable mobility”

Working Group 2 “Alternative drive technologies and fuels for sustainable mobility” considers alternative drive technologies and fuels for all modes of transport with regard to their contribution to sustainable mobility and thus to achieving the climate and energy policy goals of the Federal Government in 2030 and 2050.

The WG’s three focus groups (technological electromobility concepts, hydrogen and fuel cells, and alternative fuels) have already worked intensively to address various technologies. The focus has been on drive systems, refueling and charging infrastructure, vehicle systems, costs, availability and raw material requirements, connectivity and GHG and CO2 balances.

This forms the basis for the 1st short report of WG 2 “E-mobility. Fuel cells. Alternative fuels – possible applications from a technological point of view”. This report will show which technologies can be implemented with the current state of knowledge. The results will be included in the 2nd short report. This report will – based on technological possibilities – focus on framework conditions, in order to subsequently derive initial recommendations for policy action from this report.

In the fourth quarter of 2019, the WG will demonstrate the effects of the technologies described above in conjunction with the corresponding framework conditions, after which the central technology roadmap will be further developed in 2020.

The WG 2 has thus given itself a challenging work plan to develop facts and content from which recommendations for policy action can be derived.

WG 1
Transport and climate change

WG 2
Alternative drive technologies and fuels for sustainable mobility


WG 3
Digitalisation in the mobility sector


WG 4
Securing Germany as a place for mobility, production, battery cell production, primary materials and recycling, training and qualification


WG 5
Connecting mobility and energy networks, sector integration


WG 6
Standardisation, certification and type approval